Barebells welcomes Cass Martin to the team

Barebells is happy to announce its latest ambassador to the team – fitness enthusiast Cass Martin. Cass is well-known for her heavy lifting approach and bodybuilder physique, and has been named one of the biggest female fitness sensations in the modern era.

Cass Martin is a motivated athlete who inspires people across the US to reach their fitness and nutrition goals. She further embodies Barebells fundamental values of strength and dedication, and will promote the brand within the workout community. We are super excited to welcome her to the Barebells family!

Embraced by millions of loyal fans, Cass Martin has gained an impressive social media following where she spreads her passion for bodybuilding and inspires women to get in shape, live healthy and maintain their femininity. In an effort to reach a broader spectrum of fans, Cass has developed her own personal training program, Lift with Cass Martin, where she provides unique workouts, nutrition plans and an online motivational community.

“Having dedicated much of my life to health and fitness, I have developed a deep knowledge of best practices and tips for success. I am excited to share my passion for this industry with Barebells and introduce the brand to a slew of new fitness-conscious consumers”, says Cass.


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