Barebells supports United in Movement

Barebells is a proud supporter to UiM and their work in bringing the community together through movement, during a time of isolation and uncertainty. United in Movement is an online fitness challenge for participants of all skill levels, created to raise relief funds through a charitable organization to support those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic – with a focus on small businesses, gym owners and humanitarian efforts. Barebells is sponsoring with prizes to competitors during the whole period – also supporting the victory of giving in time to a global cause.

Starting April 4th, United in Movement’s YouTube channel will announce seven workouts for seven days, starting with a 24 hour live intro, with guest appearances from elite athletes and industry leaders from all over the world. The workouts can be completed from the comfort of a living room, and come in three categories; Compete, Move Hard and Just Move. The workouts will be tackled live by elite athletes and everyday gym-goers. Take part in the challenge and help support!

Make sure to register for free (with the option to donate during registration) to take on the seven workouts during seven days and the chance of winning generous prizes – there will be hundreds of opportunities to win.

This is how you participate:

1. Sign up and pick a workout each day from one of the three “tracks”; Compete, Move Hard or Just Move
2. Complete one workout a day, with a new one released each of seven consecutive days, beginning on Saturday April 4th – Friday April 10th.
3. Submit your scores by Saturday April 11th at 8pm Eastern Time
4. Compare your scores on the global leaderboard, but celebrate the victory of giving your time to a global cause.

Let’s Unite in Movement together and help those in need!