NEW LOOK, SAME CRISP – Holiday Crisp is back as Creamy Crisp!

Our delicious Holiday Crisp is back with a new look! Following the success of our Limited-Edition flavor Holiday Crisp. We are relaunching it in a new name, Creamy Crisp. Fan favorite Creamy Crisp will be available all year round!

This fan favorite comes in a new design and is here to stay as Creamy Crisp. This white fluffy, gooey caramel-filled bar topped with crispy puffs is nothing short of perfection. Packed with 20 grams of protein and no added sugar, this protein bar is your perfect post-workout snack!  New look, same crisp! Incredibly smooth, Creamy Crisp is a caramel-filled bar covered in chocolate and topped with puffy crisps. Indulge in your new favorite protein bar today, Creamy Crisp. It’s here to stay!