Major Influencer Noah Beck Joins the Barebells team

We are thrilled to announce that one of social media’s fastest growing creators and former D1 athlete, Noah Beck, is officially joining the Team Barebells. At Barebells, we love to collaborate with dedicated and talented individuals like Noah and are excited to create incredible content with him in this partnership.

Noah Beck has amassed over 45 million followers across his channels and has spearheaded highly regarded collaborations with major brands. His content primarily consists of lifestyle, fashion and fitness videos geared towards a younger audience, chiming into major trends across these platforms.

As a former MLS Academy and D1 soccer player, Noah understands the difficulty of maintaining a clean diet while fueling his body and satisfying cravings. Barebells was created for individuals like Noah, who can use protein-rich and simply delicious snacks throughout their day. We’ve made deliciousness and better for you choices easy and accessible, with Barebells available in stores nationwide and online.

“I personally have a huge sweet tooth,” confesses Noah Beck. “Barebells bars have been a lifesaver in helping me to kick my sugar cravings while I’m between meetings and the gym. My fast-paced and on-the-go lifestyle has made it a necessity to find foods that work seamlessly with my schedule.